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Driving Fuel Costs Down

GSPK Multifuel Technology is the only established UK manufacturer of diesel/LPG dual fuel systems specifically designed and manufactured in the UK for HGVs.

The GSPK system incorporates the simple principle that replacing a significant percentage of costly diesel with less costly LPG results in a lower fuel bill.

GSPK have developed their unique sophisticated software and control electronics over a number of years based on the need not to interfere with the vehicle’s original engine management system. This ensures that the engine will perform normally should the LPG be switched off or the LPG tank run dry and maintaining the original maximum power and torque.

The logic and success of the GSPK solution to the issue of dual fuel systems is confirmed by over 500 HGVs currently enjoying the lower fuel bills being delivered by the GSPK Dual Fuel System.

Convert your HGV fleet to our diesel/LPG dual fuel system now and you will immediately start to see fuel cost savings of between 10% and 20%. Independent tests on M.I.Technology's rolling road chassis dynamometer and Millbrook’s proving ground show an overall 14.5% of fuel savings.

The GSPK Dual Fuel System is a safe; cost effective solution for all HGV operators. Over 500 HGVs in the UK can testify to that.

Bunkered LPG is available otherwise the LPG filling station network in the UK is extensive and is growing all the time.

The cost savings are real and are available now!

Why not use our Fuel Calculator to check the payback for your fleet.